June 1, 2016

Component Areas of IE: Human Effort engineering and System Efficiency Engineering

"Industrial Engineering is human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering."
This statement appeared in IIE magazine "Industrial Engineer" in March 2010 issue.

In the year 2015-16, Institute of Industrial Engineers changed its name to Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. It was explained by some of the proponents of the name change is required to focus the attention of industrial engineers on the big picture of the enterprise. Otherwise industrial engineers are more focused on the time study of single operator and improvement of single work stations. But in my thinking, system was always present. All the pioneers of industrial engineering Taylor, Gilbreth and Emerson mentioned systems and carried out enterprise level changes. All of them worked with men and other resources. Hence, a major classification of industrial engineering areas can be made as system efficiency engineering and human effort engineering.

The following subjects or techniques form part of industrial engineering tool kit and can be categorized under human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering. More detailed articles are written for each topic

Human Effort Engineering

1. Principles of Motion Economy and Motion Study.
Therbligs, SIMO chart, Chronocycle graph
2. Work Measurement
Stop watch time study, worksampling, PMTS - MTM, MOST
3. Ergonomics

4. Safe Work Practice Design
Personal protective devices

5. Wage Incentives and Job Evaluation

System Efficiency Engineering

1. Method Study and Methods Efficiency Design
Process analysis, operation analysis, work station design
2. Value Engineering

3. Statistics Based Techniques: Statistical Quality Control (SQC), Statistical Process Control (SPC), and Six Sigma Projects etc.

4. Mathematical Optimization, Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques
Linear programming models, Integer programming, Non-linear programming
5. Plant Layout Studies for reduction of material movement, operator movement and movement of salesmen etc.

6. Engineering Economics
Engineering Economic Appraisals of projects submitted by Engineering Departments

7. Specialised Functional IE Solutions: SMED. Lean Manufacturing, BPR


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