May 2, 2019

Organizational Behavior Book by Fred Luthans - Review Notes

Organizational behavior is concerned with behavior of people. How they are going to respond to the actions of their colleagues, the supervisors and managers and also customers and suppliers are discussed in this subject.  The knowledge of this subject is to be converted into skills by adequate role plays and well designed procedures that students and readers can practice in their day to day interactions.

1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior

2. Environmental context: Information Technology and Globalization

3. Environmental context: Diversity and Ethics

4. Organizational Context: Design and Culture

5. Organizational Context:: Reward Systems

Cognitive Processes

6. Perception and Attribution

7. Personality and Attitudes

8. Motivational Needs and Processes

9. Positive Psychology Approach to OB

Dynamics of Organizational Behavior

10. Communication

11. Decision Making

12. Stress and Conflict - Negotiation Process (in more detail)

13. Power and Politics

14. Groups and Teams

Managing and Leading for High Performance

15. Managing Performance through Job Design and Goal Setting

16. Behavioral Performance Management

17. Effective Leadership Process

18. Great Leaders: Styles, Activities, and Skills

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